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The best cell phone tracker free for Android & iPhone

Install OwnSpy now and start using the #1 Mobile Phone Tracker of 2020 free of charge.

Monitor your child’s activity in real time with the best cell phone tracker app: WhatsApp, SMS, Call history, GPS, Keywords and way more. Up to 26 features and more in the future, with OwnSpy Cell Phone Tracker App you can keep your child safe by supervising what’s happening on their devices.

hand holding a phone being tracked

Why is OwnSpy the Best Phone Tracker App of 2020

Since 2010 OwnSpy delivered the best cell phone tracker on the market. It was the first app of its kind ever developed for iPhone and iPad devices and after all this years we created the best phone tracker app with so many features that make us unique among our competitors.

With OwnSpy you can track your Android mobile phone from an easy to use interface and access all the data on your device. If you jailbreak your iPhone you can also track your iPhone as well.

Installing OwnSpy is easy and fast. You will only need 5 minutes to install it on your Android or iPhone. Please keep in mind that you need to jailbreak your iPhone before installing OwnSpy.

OwnSpy is the #1 Mobile Phone Tracker App Free with E2E Encryption

Since its inception OwnSpy started to encrypt everything on the device. Once you register your account a new key is generated and encrypted with your password. This key is stored only on your device so it will be used to encrypt all your data before being uploaded to OwnSpy servers. We do not have and do not want to have access to your data, so we only store this key on your device. In other words: there is no way to access your data without your personal password. As a result, you should never share your password with anyone, not even us. Like us, Apple always believed that your data belongs only to you.

A cell phone tracker compatible with any mobile phone

OwnSpy is the most (by far) compatible cell phone tracker. It works with any device running Android > 4.0 and any iPhone on any iOS version as long it is jailbroken. It is the most compatible mobile phone tracker software of the market.

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customer satisfaction

With the amount of social networks that my kids using every day I was unable to get track of them. Thanks to OwnSpy I can monitor all of them and way more. I'm now aware and confident.
Jessica Brand
I've been using OwnSpy for more than 5 years and it works like a charm. I was able to locate my kids when they entered into a conflictive neighborhood and be there for them before something happened.
Alberto Marino
My son was always grumpy and sad. After installing OwnSpy we discovered that he was being bullied via WhatsApp. We talked to the school and they helped us to manage the issue.
Kathrin Ruiz

The most versatile control panel

You can access OwnSpy dashboard from any device or computer. The control panel allows you to manage all the features remotely and review all the messages being received or sent from the phone being tracked.

Plan & Pricing

OwnSpy is the only parental control app of its kind that allows your to use a limited set of features free forever. If you need access to premium features of the mobile phone tracker you will need to purchase a premium package.

Independent Reviews

You can read also this independent reviews from external sites to know more about OwnSpy Cell Phone Tracker and all of its features.

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Learn how to track a phone with OwnSpy Mobile Phone Tracker

You can follow this guide to learn how to locate your children and keep up to date with what they do on their social networks and even monitor WhatsApp, spy on Instagram messages or track Messenger. Maintaining control of your children has never been so easy since installing OwnSpy is a process that takes just 5 minutes.

Why is OwnSpy considered as the Best Cell Phone Tracker on 2020?

More and more parents are aware of the dangers that exist on the internet. Everyday there are more and more cases of cyberbullying, identity theft and other problems that increasingly affect the youngest. That is why parents need a tool to help them keep online dangers as far away from their children as possible and to be forewarned before something happens. That’s where OwnSpy as the # 1 Phone Tracking app on 2020 comes in as we have been designing and refining this tool since 2010. Every day there are new social networks and it is impossible to keep up with all of them, however using OwnSpy to track their cell phone, parents are confident that this problem is solved.

Location Tracking

With OwnSpy you can track the whereabouts of your family and even be alerted if they exit from a safe zone or enter to a danger area previously set. This way you can act before something bad happens.

Easy Installation & Remote Monitoring

Five minutes, that’s all. You only need 5 minutes of your time to install OwnSpy on the phone you want to track. Other apps will require to root your device in order to install which may be a long and tedious process that can even void your warranty. However OwnSpy can be installed on any stock Android without modifications. Start monitoring their phone in just five minutes. Once installed you can login with your credentials on the dashboard to remote monitoring the tracking phone.

Tracking Social Media apps

OwnSpy will allow you to track WhatsApp messages, Instagram chats, Facebook Messenger, KiK and others directly on a comfortable interface. However your kid may be using a new app that is not covered with the direct tracking feature: don’t panic, OwnSpy takes care of that too. With the App Recording and Words features you can monitor any app used on the device. App Recording will record the phone screen of the device while the app you want to track is being used. And the Words feature will monitor all the activity on the screen and alerts you when some predefined words appears. It’s like magic.

Is it possible to track a phone number remotely?

You may have heard or seen in some movies as with just the phone number they can spy on the mobile phone in question and access all the information on it. However, this is only available to television fiction or perhaps to some government spy agencies. Tracking a phone remotely is not possible with OwnSpy since you need to have the permission and authorization of the mobile user you want to track. In other words, OwnSpy should only be used to track your children or people who have authorized you to install this software.

Automatic updates with OwnSpy Hidden Cell Phone Tracker App

Forget about downloading periodic updates or patches. OwnSpy will work on the background and it will be updated automatically with no user interaction. Start monitoring who your kids are talking to on WhatsApp or Messenger. Track their GPS location or monitor any app activity and be alerted before something bad may happen.

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