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Instagram Tracker

Track your kids Instagram direct messages remotely with OwnSpy #1 Parental Control App
  • Monitor all Instagram direct sent & received messages
  • Register all links shared in Instagram direct messenger
  • Calls, GPS tracking, SMS, Facebook and a lot more
  • No need to root Android
  • Customer support

Read text messages

Track all Instagram direct messages automatically and without need to root your Android device. However if you want to monitor Instagram on iPhone you need to jailbreak it in the first place.

View multimedia files

Monitor all pictures and photos shared on Instagram direct messenger. In addition all the pictures are encrypted and uploaded to your control panel. Above all, you don't need to root your Android phone to track Instagram.

Why Spy Instagram Texts?

Don't think on OwnSpy as a Instagram Spy app but as the #1 Parental Control App you need to keep your kids safe. For instance Instagram may be used to bullying or sexting (sharing nude pictures) so you need to keep an eye on Instagram actively.

  • OwnSpy works on any Android device without rooting
Do you need more? there ARE 25+ great features
How Instagram Tracker works

Download & Install

Installing OwnSpy to your mobile phone is very easy and you will only need 5 minutes of your time. In addition you don't need to root your Android phone.

Purchase Premium

GPS location and other features are free. However you will need to purchase a subscription to track Instagram direct messages.

Start Monitoring

When you complete the installation your device will start tracking all the Instagram chats messages automatically, in other words you will receive each and every message on your dashboard.

With the amount of social networks that my kids use every day I was unable to get track of them. Thanks to OwnSpy I can monitor all of them and way more. I'm now aware and confident.
Jessica Brand
I've been using OwnSpy for more than 5 years and it works like a charm. I was able to locate my kids when they entered into a conflictive neighborhood and be there for them before something happened.
Alberto Marino
My son was always grumpy and sad. After installing OwnSpy we discovered that he was being bullied via WhatsApp. We talked to the school and they helped us to manage the issue.
Kathrin Ruiz

Why to spy Instagram messages to monitor your children?

Don’t think of OwnSpy as a tool to spy on Instagram or spy on your children, but as a parental control tool that will allow you to monitor all private messages on Instagram. Nowadays and due to the number of dangers that exist in the network, it is increasingly necessary to be able to monitor the activity that our children carry out on their mobile phones. OwnSpy allows you to track Instagram as well as any other activity carried out on the tracked mobile phone.

Tracking Instagram direct with the #1 Parental Control app

Recording the messages of Instagram and other social networks is becoming easier with OwnSpy since it allows you to follow everything that happens on the phone that is being monitored. Instagram is often used to share the experiences that our children have with their friends but also with new and unknown people, opening the door to possible sexual predators who want to take advantage of the innocence of our little ones. With OwnSpy you can keep track of Instagram messages in just 5 minutes and access all messages remotely.

Supervise your kid, that way you don't need to spy Instagram messages

Of course not, we don’t have to spy on our children’s Instagram but we have to keep them safe. Until now they have been innocent children who drew pictures on paper and played with us, but over time they have other concerns and social networks is the new playground for our children. We can no longer be with them and see what they do because what is happening is now online, it is virtual. We have to continue keeping respect for them and not spy Instagram without their consent, so it is necessary to monitor their online activity while we educate them.

How to spy Instagram without rooting?

Remember that you can only use OwnSpy if you have been authorized by the owner of the phone and that he or she must be aware of this. Most of the apps that allows you to track Instagram messages will need to root the Android phone and therefore void their warranty. Therefore, if you need to monitor Instagram without rooting Android you can follow this guide.

1. Download and install OwnSpy - Cell Phone Tracker app.

The installation of OwnSpy is easy and can be done in just 5 minutes. Firstly you just need to activate unknown sources on your Android security settings before downloading the app. After that you may browse to the download page and install the APK on the phone you want to track. 

activate unknown sources to spy whatsapp

2. Register your phone to track Instagram messages

Once the installation is completed you may follow the app wizard to create an account and activate other settings like device administrator and accessibility features. In addition the wizard will guide you to the process seamlessly and everything will be completed in less than 5 minutes. 

3. Access the remote control panel to monitor Instagram and more

When the registration is completed the app will start tracking Instagram messages in the background. You can login to your account from the dashboard and monitor all the new sent & received Instagram messages. After that you can also monitor a lot of other features like  GPS locationInstagram chatsWhatsApp, Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook messenger, and way more.

Plan & Pricing

OwnSpy is the only parental control app of its kind that allows your to use a limited set of features free forever. If you need access to premium features of the mobile phone tracker you will need to purchase a premium package.

Have Any Questions?

If you need help you can always contact our support team via chat, email, WhatsApp or phone.