Parents should use Cell Phone Monitoring app to Track their kids

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The Best Way to Monitor your Cell Phone

Do you need the most advanced parental control app? You are in the right place. Our mobile monitoring app works on any phone to track all activities like GPS location, SMS texts, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Messenger and way more!

Call History

Track all the calls made or received on your kid's phone with the call tracking feature. You can also record calls to listen on your dashboard.

Browsing History

Monitor the websites your child visits whatever browser is using. You will be able to track and record all the activities taking place on the browser.


Record all the words that appears on the screen no matter which app is in use and be notified when certain words appear on the screen along with the context of them.


Monitor all the system notifications that appears on the screen so you can get more information about what's happening on the device.

Live Screen

View the phone screen remotely in real time so you can see what's happening on the device itself.

App Control

List all the installed apps and select which one you want to block or even which one you want to record. With the AppRecord feature you can record the phone screen while the app is in use.

Youtube Monitoring

Track all the videos being watched on Youtube so you can be confident they are harmless to your kid.

Photos Tracker

Monitor all the pictures being taken or stored on your kids phone to keep an eye on what he or she is sharing with others.


Take remote photos or activate remotely the camera so you can see what the phone is seeing in realtime.

File Explorer

Browse remotely the filesystem of the device and access directly to the files being stored on the device.

Plan & Pricing

OwnSpy is the only parental control app of its kind that allows your to use a limited set of features free forever. If you need access to premium features of the mobile phone tracker you will need to purchase a premium package.


Most frequent questions and answers

Of course, OwnSpy is the #1 Parental Control App to track the cell phone of your kid and see everything what’s happening on his or her phone. You will be able to block certain apps or even be notified when your kid arrive at school.

OwnSpy is being offered on two tiers where one of them is free. It is what is called a freemium model where some features like GPS Location, Web History, SMS Texts and more are free while access to advanced features is only available after purchase a subscription.

Of course we do, we can help you via chat, email, WhatsApp or phone. So if you need help installing OwnSpy or using it we’re here to help you.

In order to install OwnSpy on iPhone you need to jailbreak the device in the first place. Once the device is jailbroken the installation is straightforward by installing it using Cydia app.

In order to complete the installation on Android you need to follow this guide.

  • Go to Settings App, select Security section and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Open this page from the device you want to monitor and tap on Download.
  • Tap on the file you just downloaded and install it.
  • Follow the installation wizard to create your user account and complete all the required steps.

Yes, once installed OwnSpy will work in the background installed as a system service so no icon will be visible on the phone screen.

In order to access the data monitored from the device you need to login with your account on the dashboard.

Most data is synced in realtime while others will be updated every 10 minutes.

Yes you can move your license from one device to another if you need to without need to pay again for it. The remaining time will be transferred to the new device.

With the amount of social networks that my kids use every day I was unable to get track of them. Thanks to OwnSpy I can monitor all of them and way more. I'm now aware and confident.
Jessica Brand
I've been using OwnSpy for more than 5 years and it works like a charm. I was able to locate my kids when they entered into a conflictive neighborhood and be there for them before something happened.
Alberto Marino
My son was always grumpy and sad. After installing OwnSpy we discovered that he was being bullied via WhatsApp. We talked to the school and they helped us to manage the issue.
Kathrin Ruiz

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If you need help you can always contact our support team via chat, email, WhatsApp or phone.